Magical Meeting Place of New Art and Ancient Communication

Where the Spirits Are Cut Loose …

Neoindigenous art

The raw passion of nature and spirit have called Being into these watercolor paintings. The primitive is yet with us, dancing the eternal thread. These watercolor paintings open a window to the uninhibited and joyous Dance of Spirit.

From “primitive dipping” we reach unclaimed territory to create community.

Over the years, I felt I was trying to communicate with something deeper than what my eyes could see. I felt Spirits were trying to communicate with me. I was reaching back to ancient wisdom; ancient wisdom reaching for me. I am beholden to these spirit nudgings.

How has the Art of the Soul evolved? What is the true source of art without the critic? Where does it come from? To?

We open our hearts and visit the people of the tribe for story, for image, a visual language.

There is a wisdom that cannot be eaten with the head. —Malidoma Some

Back to Back Couple

Here is art that moves past the filters of the mind and connects directly with our hearts, emotions, the visceral, and spiritual. Here we can hear the Divine Story Tellers. We hear the stories told by our indigenous brothers and sisters to balance inner and outer spaces.
We listen with our Spirit Ears. We find meaning in a disconnected world; at last we find soothing and solace, connection. We put art into circulation … we experience Wholeness.

Through healing rooms of art we create places of our own art-making. We open and allow the art to come … set the stage, through our own hand or through others. Everyone tells her stories, the stories within the greater story. This is a weaving of art making and improv to create grace makers.

Like poetry in motion. —Anon.

Absolutely beautiful. It’s like you captured the world by removing the physical and beautifully present the spiritual — the energy that flows through everything. Thanks Nancy. —Anon.

Peaceful highlights of your life intertwined with struggles and opportunities; the colors speak all emotions.

Your stuff is so weird (out of the ordinary), I love it. At first I cannot see the figures because they are obtuse, but then I look again and see so much. —Suzann Robins, author of Everyday Intimacy, Exploring with the Sixth Sense.

One of the pleasures I received from the weekend was watching you work. There comes over you such a sense of peace and joy that it shows in your face and visibly radiates from you. —Scott T., MN